Guidelines for Ethics in Scientific Research

Scientific Research Ethics :

One of the strategic priorities of Taif University is to pay attention to scientific research, and that it is one of the main tasks of the university that the knowledge community aspires to, due to the fact that distinguished scientific research contributes to solving the problems of society.  In order to achieve this, researchers at the university must strive to achieve the highest standards of research excellence while adhering to the ethics of scientific research and practicing research activities, in compliance with Islamic Sharia and related legal systems .

          Therefore, the university formed a specialized team of competent experts to set guidelines for the ethics of scientific research that all researchers at the university should adhere to.

Vision :

Acknowledgment of research excellence, commitment to ethical principles, and the achievement of scientific innovation in the areas of effective community partnership.

Mission :

Ensure that researchers adhere to the ethics of scientific research, maintain the safety of researchers participating in the research, apply biosafety standards, follow up on applied research, pay attention to environmental fields, and establish a framework and rules for measuring the ethics of scientific research at the university.

Sub-committees for scientific research ethics:

• Animal research

• human research

• Radiation and chemical research

• Human research

Human and animal research :

1. The student or researcher shall present and send the required documents to the e-mail of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee :

2. The student must obtain the approval from research supervisor by an official letter from the research supervisor through the concerned college.

3. All forms and the research proposal must be in word format.

4. The letter of the research supervisor should only be in pdf format.

5. In case of inquiries, please contact the committee’s secretary (Muhammad Al-Zahrani): Via the committee email:

Or by phone 0555154580 or transferring (2230) .

Documents needed to submit a study to the Scientific Research Ethics Committee :

  • An animal research form
  • Form for consent to participate in the research
  •  A form for conducting research on humans

Radiological and chemical research:

Based on the research proposal (human or animal research)

Human research :

Kindly fill in the below forms, attach the questionnaire and the CV and send it :

  Either by the committee's email:

Or through the correspondence system of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee (6102) .

  •  Application form for requesting approval for research from the Scientific Research Ethics Committee
  •  Research proposal form        



Guidelines for Ethics in Scientific Research