Telephone network and communications

In line with the great development witnessed by Taif University, and in line with the strategic plan of the University, the management of the telephone and communication network was established to connect all departments, faculties and branches by telephone, and provide an integrated telephone service that assists the functioning of departments, faculties and branches. The best picture of the university


Towards telephone services that contribute effectively to the advancement of the educational process and community service


We strive to provide the latest communication technologies to extend communication bridges between the University's departments and centers through a unified communication center for community service

  • Contribute to the objectives of the General Services Department.

  • Providing high quality telephone service.

  • Develop an integrated system that includes maintenance programs for university switchboards and colleges.

  • Attracting the distinguished technical human talents and qualifying them to carry out maintenance work to keep pace with the expansion of the establishment of telephone networks.

  • Automatic and continuous updating of the telephone directory.


Functions of Departement 
  • Implement the general policy for the management of public services.

  • Develop a future plan to update and improve telephone networks and infrastructure.

  • Preparation of a planned and planned emergency maintenance plan to deal immediately with emergencies in coordination with the Security and Safety Department regarding the control of communications and receiving communications in line with the security and safety management plans in case of emergency and natural accidents.
  • Form a technical committee of the Department to detect telephone networks of buildings and all facilities and develop a preventive plan to address any deficiencies resulting from disruption in the provision of telephone service.
  • Updating and developing the technical specifications of maintenance contracts for management in line with the needs of the university facilities and facilities to improve performance.
  • Direct supervision of the activation of the tasks and responsibilities of technicians and communications moguls.
  • Provide all the necessary supplies and spare parts for the exchanges.
  • Apply the principles of safety and environmental protection in all operation and maintenance.
  • Create a desktop archive of implementation drawings, catalogs, repair manuals, and hardware and equipment manuals of the telephone network and communications unit