MSc Artificial Intelligence

Program Name

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence 


Program Description



Total Credit Hours for Completing the Program



Professional Occupations/Jobs

The program prepares students for the following professions:

  • Machine Learning Developer.

  • Robotics Engineer.

  • Computer Vision Engineer.

  • Business Intelligence Developer.

  • Data Scientist.


Program Mission

To produce high skilled and qualified graduates who possess state of the  art Artificial Intelligence technologies for research and application development.


Program Goals

  1. Prepare graduates with advanced knowledge and skills that qualify them to specialize in careers related to Al and apply them effectively.

  2. Equip graduates with practical aspects of different design lntelligent construction systems.

  3. Develop professionals who are competent in ethical issues of social implication in implementing AI.

  4. To encourge graduates to work in teams that design informed decision support systems and improve systems' performance.


Program Learning Outcomes



The general requirements for admission to Taif University are available here. These requirements and the online resources are managed by the Deanship of Admission and Registration, designed to help prospective students learn about TU and its admission processes.

The admission requirements specific for the Artificial Intelligence Master program are available here.

Admission to the Information Technology program at TU is highly competitive. The number of students accepted is limited to the number of seats available as decided by the University Council and based on the capacity of resources of the College of Computers and Information Technology.