Research groups


Definition of the research group.
It is a group of researchers / researchers with diverse and integrated inter-disciplines and with distinct research capabilities and experiences that ensure the quality and intensity of scientific production, as well as emerging researchers and postgraduate students to acquire research skills, practice and ensure continuity.

Research groups of the four types (internal, local, regional, international) are registered by following procedure

1 Creating a research group from within the university with internal / local / regional / international participation according to the type of target group and according to the terms and conditions of the group registration.

2 - Submit directly to the research system fill out the required and attach the registration form of the research group available on the Deanship page.

3The Center shall establish a scientific committee to study the extent to which the research group meets the University's research requirements and priorities.

4. The center of the right in the request of the principal researcher or a participant of each research group to present a presentation in the exhibition hall in the center in the presence of the Director of the Center and the scientific adviser and the arbitrators

5The research groups corresponding to the external arbitration shall be sent.

6High Altitude Research Center monitors the productivity of the research groups through an accurate evaluation system that includes quality standards, evaluation models and accurate indicators for measuring outputs, The center can increase the period of support of the group when it achieves excellence in its research outputs.


Regulations and conditions for applying for research groups.