Cost-effective research support initiative

Description of the initiative

The initiative comes as an opportunity for faculty members at Taif University to enrich the university and the center with additional quality, low-cost publications as a desire to increase their scientific output in the field of the center's activities. The role of the center is to provide them with the necessary materials, solutions and devices that are not available in the High Altitude Research Center or the central laboratories.

The objectives of the initiative

  • Enriching the center's research environment and ensuring the production of high-quality research publications that enable the university to publish research in distinguished international journals that will raise the university's position in the global ranking in terms of publishing and research citations.
  • Increase in obtaining applied research outputs that can be used and come out with recommendations that benefit residents of high altitude areas in general and residents of the city of Taif in particular.
  • Supporting distinguished student research.
  • Enabling faculty members who wish to do distinguished research in the areas of altitude research to create a suitable and inexpensive research environment.
  • Helping researchers in preparing scientific research for their promotion.
  • Take advantage of the new faculty members to equip the center according to the latest scientific developments as they recently came back from studying abroad.

The relationship of the initiative to Vision 2030

     The initiative consistent with the Kingdom's vision 2030 by urging to increase the research output of Saudi universities and research centers, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The initiative aims to raise the quality of local and quantitative research that seeks to compete globally to contribute to raising the status and ranking of Taif University in the lists of classification of Saudi and international universities and production Local research of global value.

Categories benefiting from the initiative

  • Faculty members applying on their own initiative for publishing purposes.
  • All faculty members interested in scientific research who were not part of research teams
  • Outstanding student research under the supervision of a faculty member

Terms and conditions

The Terms and conditions in the initiative's administration are subject to sub-detailed and detailed conditions on financial matters, which guarantee its safety and correctness of the initiative's executive procedures in accordance with article fourteen of the Unified Regulations for Scientific Research in Saudi Universities.

Application procedure

  • The application submission period will be announced through the official website of the center and a circulating e-mail will be send to all university employees.
  • The research proposal (PDF formate) and the value of the required materials to be send to the official email of the center (, where the value of the required materials does not exceed the amount of 15,000 Saudi riyals with official quotation.  
  • The proposals will be reviewed in accordance with the report of the Scientific Committee headed by the Dean of Scientific Research.
  • Signing a commitment by the researcher to publish within a maximum period of one year from the date of receiving the required materials
  • The researcher submits three quotations from local suppliers within a month of signing the commitment
  • The research period starts upon the receive of the required materials. The researcher pledged to use what was requested and is supplied and used at the center’s laboratories or in the Central Laboratories according to the need and its ownership or what remains of it is for the High Altitude research center.
  • Submitting the technical report and the scientific publication to complete the project.

Conditions for Submission

  • The eligible researches are chosen according to the existence of a strong adherence to the interests of the research center and specialized in research of high altitude. This is approved by the scientific committee in the center and approved by the center’s board of directors according to the proposals evaluation form.
  • The researcher should not have any current troubles in the group support programs or DAEEM or currently  have support for a proposal within the High Altitude Research Center.
  • The center’s administration has the right to entrust the researcher to prepare a presentation at the center’s exhibition hall.
  • The research projects timeline is 12 months from the time of the tools and solutions are received, during which the main researcher is obliged to submit a scientific paper to be published in Web of Science or SCOPUS database, provided that the first researcher's affiliation is the High Altitude Research Center.