The origin of the center


Taif is a Saudi city located in the Makkah area west of Saudi Arabia on the eastern slopes of the Sarawat Mountains at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level, and the rise is increasing as we go to the west and south to reach 2500 m. Taif is a hub for major roads coming from the south, north, east and west. It has earned a tourist, commercial, agricultural and military reputation since ancient times. It is an important resort for the people of the Kingdom and Gulf States as well as the visitors of Holy Makkah. It has also become the official summer capital of the country. It also hosts delegations and conferences from Saudi Arabia and abroad. According to the system of regions, Taif is one of the governorates of Makkah and one of the largest governorates in the Kingdom. Its population with its administrative governorates (Taraba, Al-Kharamah, Rania, Al-Maweeh and Maysan) is 14,131,813 inhabitants, 82.52% of whom are Saudi nationals. The area of ​​Taif province is 87,561 square kilometers, including the city of Taif and the provinces and its affiliated centers.

Establishment of the Center

The region of Taif is one of the most diverse areas in the Kingdom in terms of the environment, geographical characteristics and living conditions, making it a fertile and attractive area for researchers interested in the research of high-populated areas in high altitude. Therefore, Taif University was supported by the establishment of the first promising center for medicine and research in the high altitude in the Kingdom, which was funded by the Ministry of Education on 27 February 2011.

In view of Taif University's relentless pursuit of excellence in research and the keenness of the university's senior management, the Center was re-run to make it a research and awareness center for the life difficulties of the residents of the high altitude. In addition, the center provides services for centers in need of in-depth research aiming for research excellence and community service.

Interests of the center

High altitude represents more than 18% of the total area of Saudi Arabia and more than 10% of the Kingdom's population live in these areas. Moreover, there is no prestigious academic research authority specialized in high altitude research except the High Altitude Research Center (HARC) in the kingdom. It is worth mentioning that the global centers for research in high altitude are very limited globally. The center is a local research center that provides direct services to residents of cities and villages in the altitude. The center aims to produce scientific and medical recommendations that improve the general health of residents of these areas and adapt to life in Taif and other altitude areas.

It is scientifically proven that hypoxia in high altitude has an effect on psychological changes as well as the functions of vital organs in the human body. Therefore, the research groups of HARC aims to document the vital indicators of the residents of the city and developed solutions of their own. In addition, the Center plans to establish a high altitude simulator unit through the establishment of advanced laboratories to control the pressure and oxygen percentage, which will have a great impact for those suffering from high altitude disturbances as well as those who wish to join the crew of civil aviation or military.

The interests of HARC are wide. For example, environmental research is a priority for the Center in addition to research related to agriculture and animal. For this reason, the Center's management has worked hard to reach out to concerned bodies such as Wildlife Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Water.

The Center's management is aware that those interested in high altitude research are not limited to Taif University. The Center works hard to communicate and cooperate with these researchers to consolidate efforts, facilitate obstacles and consider ways of supporting the public interest and contributing to the Kingdom's Vision 2030.