The field training initiative for students of scientific disciplines at the university

1- Adopting the center as a training body in field training courses.
2- Providing the opportunity for male and female students of scientific disciplines at the university to benefit from the laboratory equipment and infrastructure of the laboratories of the Highlands Research Center.
3- Students acquire basic laboratory skills that qualify them for the labor market.
4- Apply what has been studied of knowledge and information in practice and improve the scientific outcome of students.
Male and female students of scientific disciplines (College of Science - College of Applied Medical Sciences)
Initiative Mechanism:
* The concerned colleges are addressed to approve the center as their training body and to make the necessary partnerships.
* Male and female students are received in field training courses in specific numbers after coordination with the concerned colleges and departments.
* Receiving limited numbers at the beginning as visitors automatically and gradually according to the center's developmental and expansion plan.
* Coordination also includes knowing the needs of male or female students and trying to reconcile these needs with the capabilities available in the center. This is done through coordination between the center and the concerned department or the field training supervisor.
* Officially addressing the center by the departments and coordinating with it regarding the number of students and the appropriate time according to the center's absorptive capacity.
* Addressing the competent colleges to discuss the topics and research skills proposed to be presented to the students and discuss this with them.
* Benefiting from the distinguished energies of male and female researchers to activate this initiative.
training time:
The duration of the training ranges from one to two weeks, according to the proposed topics and skills, and according to the system and regulations designated for that.