Management Department

Head of Department Speech

The science of management has grown in importance now, because of the increase in the intensity of competition at the global level, and it has become indispensable, whether in the public or private sectors. The Department of Administration is distinguished by the inclusion of a group of faculty members who graduated from the most prestigious foreign and Arab universities, which contributed to the diversity of the intellectual schools in the department. The Department of Administration seeks to keep its outputs in line with the current development and the labor market, by presenting a distinguished scientific subject.

In conclusion, I urge myself, my colleagues in the department to do everything they can to serve this department and achieve its goals so that it will be in the place that suits it. I also urge students to earnestly and diligently in their educational attainment and to actively participate in the various activities of the university, and my colleagues and I in the department are fully prepared to serve them, answer their inquiries and solve their problems.

Management Department

Introduction to the department

The department was established with the inception of the college, and its name was the Department of Business Administration and then modified to the name of the Management Department, after reference comparisons with accredited local, regional and international universities.

The management, with its various specializations, also represents the most important departments in the field of business and meeting the needs of the labor market, and perhaps there is no functional sector, whether in the public or private sectors, that does not need specialists in the field of management and under this particular name, as well as the new orientation according to the vision of the Kingdom 2030, and work to encourage the replacement of the local workforce, which requires the availability of national competencies capable of filling quality jobs within the various economic sectors, in order to contribute to the sustainable development process.

The Department of management is linked to the college’s objectives and mission in terms of emphasizing quality and distinguishing the department’s outputs in a manner that serves the local and Arab labor market within the framework of the administration’s specializations. Scholarships and training.


Department vision

Educational, research and community leadership in management

Department message

Preparing distinguished cadres with scientific knowledge and skills in the field of management that meets the needs of the labor market, scientific research and society through a supportive and advanced educational environment.

 :Administration department values

Transparency and integrity, teamwork, perfection and quality, leadership and justice, innovation and excellence, Islamic ethics

Department Objectives

  • Preparing a graduate specialized in the field of business administration capable of competing locally.
    Developing administrative programs for graduates that contribute to local development.
    Providing distinguished university education in the field of business administration in accordance with academic accreditation standards.
    Attracting distinguished students from inside and outside the Kingdom
    Effective contribution to meeting the community’s need in the fields of business administration specialization by graduating distinguished students.

Expected practical fields for graduates of the program:Human Resource Specialist
Purchasing and Warehousing Specialist
Production and Operations Management Specialist
Public Relations Specialist
Administrative Operations Specialist
Logistics Operations Officer
Administrative business analyst
Personnel Officer


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