Graduation Requirements

Students may not graduate until all degree requirements have been fulfilled and certified by the Registration office. The EREG tool monitors the students' progress towards completing program requirements and academic advisor provides guidelines for completing program requirements. Students must follow the rules and regulations of the University, and they must successfully complete each course in the curriculum to receive a degree.

There are several processes in place to ensure that students are aware of all graduation requirements, students can appropriately plan for a timely graduation and understand what requirements still remain, and the registration office verifies fulfillment prior to graduation:

  • Before the last semester, the EREG tool alerts all the students near graduation (who has remaining credit hours 24 or less ). Note that students can run an unofficial transcript at any point. This transcript is formatted to make clear what graduation requirements are complete and which remain.
  • Academic advisor advises students to take necessary courses for graduation.
  • After successfully completing the required courses to graduate, students must fill out a graduation “application” and take clearance from all the necessary departments.
  • Finally, registration office verifies all the requirements to offer a degree.

Based on Taif University policy, to be eligible to file an application for graduation in each department  student must have:

  • Completed the required hours for each program with a minimum grade point average of 1.75

The complete list of the requirements is listed in the TU Undergraduate Catalog.