Academic Advising Unit

The Academic Advising Unit provides consulting services on an ongoing basis in the academic, professional, and psychological fields in accordance with international consulting standards. The unit at the College of Computers also aims to play an effective role in helping its male and female students to raise their academic level to meet high educational standards and to strive to develop their skills, develop their abilities, and encourage them to excel, create and innovate.

1- Vision

The Academic Advising Unit aims to provide ongoing consulting services in the academic, professional and psychological fields in accordance with international consulting standards.

2-  Mission

The Academic Advising Unit seeks to provide the advisory services required to achieve high academic and professional compatibility in accordance with approved quality requirements in the field of university guidance and guidance, and to solve problems that students may face during their studies.

3- Unit Objectives

  1. Providing academic, professional and psychological counseling services to students of the College.
  2.  Providing a safe environment for college students to raise their academic level, develop their skills, improve their integration into the university community and accept the diversity of different cultures.
  3. Refine their self-development skills through training and counseling seminars.
  4. Encouraging students to participate in new and innovative projects.

4- Unit Formation

5- University Guidance Department at Taif University

Click here to go to the University Advising Department page at Taif University

6- Academic Advising Forms

First: Academic Advising form

The student can fill out the attached academic advising form and submit it to the academic advisor directly through the communication channels announced on the university academic advising page.

Second: Prohibition Removing Request form

The student may submit the attached deprivation request form to the course instructor before the beginning of the final exam period.

attached is the comprehensive guide to academic advising at Taif university in both Arabic and English.