Capstone Projects

Computer Engineering Department

List of CE projects 2021-2022

  1. Auto Cashier
  2. Low Cost MPPT Controller
  3. Digital Bidirectional Counter Gate (DBCG)
  4. The Implementation of an Autonomous Vehicle to Aid the Mobility of Quadriplegic Individuals
  5. Line Following Electric Vehicle for Tawaf
  6. Suggested Hajj Personal Vital Signs and Assistant Application
  7. Smart Water Irrigation System (SWIS)
  8. Smart Collaborative System for Cleaning Solid Pollution at Seas
  9. Museum Guide by a Robot
  10. IOT Intelligent Watering Sensor for Indoor Plant
  11. Smart Disability Assistant for disabled tetraplegia and paralyzed people
  12. Low-Cost Autonomous Vehicle for Research Purposes, An Application to Quadriplegia People
  13. Utilizing CubeSat and AI Framework for Crowd Management in Short-Term Large-Scale Events: Case of a Smart Hajj Event
  14. Remote Operated Spy Drone
  15. Applying the Machine Learning Algorithm for Fire Detection System
  16. Fire Suppression System Using AI and IOT
  17. Autonomous Vehicles Driving System for Hajj and Umrah
  18. Energy Conservation and Alarm Management System Using IOT For Building Automation
  19. Car Plate Recording (EBSAR)
  20. A Glove That Helps Deaf People and Facilitate Learning Sign Language
  21. Smart and Green Taif University (S.G.TU)
  22. Smart Home Farming Using Arduino
  23. TU Students Advisor and Services Robot
  24. A Technology Framework for Smart Campus Design Based on IOT
  25. Smart Building with Laundry and Trash Separator Using Arduino Based Color Sorting Machine


List of  CE projects 2022-2023

  1. A Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Photovoltaic Systems with a Minimal Number of Sensors with Accurate Hot-Spot Detection and Localization
  2. Cloud Based Priority Traffic Light for Emergency Vehicles
  3. Smart Traffic Management System During Floods
  4. Solar Panel Sun Tracker
  5. Glasses for Deaf and Mute People
  6. Smart Bracelet for Blind People
  7. Design and Development of a Smart Key Box using IOT Based on Arduino
  8. Smart Medication Box with Facial Recognition System
  9. Smart Health Monitoring System
  10. Ball Throwers and Players Conflict Avoidance in Football Using Robots
  11. Fainting Detector Inside Elevators
  12. Smart University Card
  13. Virtual Doctor Robot
  14. Robot Warehouse
  15. Smart Hand
  16. Irrigation System
  17. Guide Pilgrims with AI
  18. Detection and Classification of Leukemia Using ML on a Raspberry Pi
  19. Robotic dog to detect concealed weapons, smells and facial for crowded environment in Hajj and tourism.
  20. E-Guard of Drowning
  21. Searching for Lost and Wanted Persons in The Desert Using Drones
  22. Adaptive Solar System Tracking and Power Management
  23. Computer architecture from scratch to BSP by FPGA. For Entertainment.
  24. Hybrid Energy
  25. An acoustic sensor for drone identification & localization in counter drone system (Samey Project).
  26. Drone Discover
  27. Improve safety and security in Smart Vehicles
  28. Smart Tourist Robot
  29. Intelligent Vehicle Parking System (Masary)
  30. Teaching Assistant
  31. Deaf alert bracelets
  32. Smart tracker device for kids


List of CS projects

The academic year 1441/1442 H

  1. Design and implementation of facial recognition based attendance system 

  2. Find my Classroom 
  3. Rule-Based Export System for Diabetes diagnosis 
  4. Sentiments Analysis of Amazon’s Reviews based on Deep Learning 
  5. Face Presentation Attack Detection 
  6. TaifAR: Augmented Reality Mobile Application Tourist Guide for Taif City 
  7. An Interactive and Intelligent Application to Teach Chinese 
  8. My Case
  9. Arabic fake news detection on Twitter 
  10. A Mobile Application with Speech Recognition Technology for School Students to Memorize Quran and Lessons. 
  11. Joints Detection System Using Image Analysis Techniques 
  12. Online Platform for Capstone Project Community 
  13. Driver Drowsiness Detection Using Deep, Learning Approach 
  14. Detecting Facial Emotions for Sentiment Analysis Using Deep Learning Approach 
  15. A University Major Recommendation Chatbot System Using Deep Learning Approach 
  16. Ladies Gym App 
  17. Administrative management web system using web building tools (html,CSS,Php and JavaScript) 
  18. Ladies Gym App 
  19. Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Tweets (Wathiq) 
  20. YouCan: Emotional-based Task Tracking Application 
  21. Automatic Employees Attendance System using Face Recognition 
  22. Developing Chatbot through Artificial Intelligence Technologies 
  23. Arabic Handwritten Character Recognition 


The academic year 1442/1443 H 

  1. Tourist destination

  2. Diabetic Retinopathy Detection 
  3. Crowd Management Recommendation System : Using Machine Learning Approach 
  4. Smart Tourism (Dalilak Application) 
  5. Sentiments Analysis of Amazon’s Reviews based on Deep Learning 
  6. Analyzing Sentiment from Arabic tweets based on machine learning for General Entertainment Authority events 
  7. Volunteer Platform 
  8. Rahaal 
  9. Tourism guide in KSA. 
  10. Facial Mask Detection 
  11. Augmented Reality Mobile Application in Ubran Heritage Tourism For Albalad Market In Taif 
  12. Palmer 
  13. Students Smart Pass Cards using Internet of Things Technology 
  14. Clinic’s Queuing Management Mobile Application (Eijaz) 
  15. Intelligent System for Taif Tourism 
  16. Rahman's Guests Application 
  17. A Delivery Application for Taif University Campus 
  18. Rushd - A smart bracelet for umrah and hajj 
  19. (Your Eyes) Story Reading Application for Blind and Vision- Impaired People 
  20. Augmented Reality Mobile Application in Ubran Heritage Tourism For Albalad Market In Taif 
  21. Arabic Handwritten Character Recognition 


The academic year 1443/1444 H 

  1. Attendance System Using Face Recognition 

  2. Detection of bipolar disease using CT imaging and AI. 
  3. Smart Sport Tickets System (SSTS) 
  4. Your Invoice is your guarantee 
  5. Meal Budget and Rating System 
  6. Face recognition 
  7. Securl: Secure Machine Learning Based Approach for Detecting Adversarial Phishing of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) 
  8. Sign Language and AI Detection 
  10. Digital Invoice Management System (DIMS) 
  11. Masaruna 
  12. Thaqib: An AI Conversional Chatbot for Taif University Services 
  13. Good lifestyle 
  14. Software Smart Agent for Taif University Services 
  15. Intelligent Assistive Device For People With Hearing Disability 
  16. Emotion Detection-based on Region of Interest of Facial Expressions by Using Mediapipe 
  17. Context-Aware Tourism Recommender System for Taif City 
  18. Alert system for people left in vehicle. 
  19. Tajwal 
  20. Diabetes website 
  21. I AM HERE 
  22. Breast Cancer Detection using Machine Learning 
  23. E-Parking reservation system- based into IoT 
  24. Dams and water springs in Taif 
  25. Intelligent system for jewelry design modeling 
  26. Falling Alarm 
  27. Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children Using Machine Learning Techniques 
  28. Tubot: A Smart Taif University Enquiries Chatbot using Artificial Intelligence 
  29. Attendance System Using Face Recognition 
  30. Detection of bipolar disease using CT imaging and AI. 
  31. Smart Sport Tickets System (SSTS) 
  32. Meal Budget and Rating System 
  33. Face recognition 
  34. Sign Language and AI Detection 
  35. getCar Website 
  36. SAFE-HAJJ: Toward Pilgrim Safety During Hajj by Recognizing Abnormal Behavior Using Deep Learning
  37. Design and Implementation of a New Indoor Remote Patient Monitoring System for Disable and Old Person 
  38. Firefighting Spider: Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Spider for Extinguishing Fires 
  39. HydroSavvy: Intelligent and Eco-Friendly Plant Hydration System 


List of IT Department projects

Academic year 2021-2022

  1. ·       EMKAN application
  2. ·       A Web Based Application for Predicting COVID- 19 Patient’s Mood Using Sentiment Analysis
  3. ·       A Web Based Application for Detecting Malicious URL
  4. ·       Developing a mobile application for tourism using augmented reality
  5. ·       QYADTI
  6. ·       Tapwords: User Authentication Method for Visually Impaired People
  7. ·       Tourism in Saudi Arabia application using image processing (Mustalam)
  8. ·       Umrati
  9. ·       Chatbot-Based Tourist Guide
  10. ·       StartupCrawler
  11. ·       Website Application For Directs Users To Uncrowded barbershops
  12. ·       E-ID University Card
  13. ·       Malware Detection Using Machine Learning
  14. ·       Retail and Installment Sales of Spare Parts for Cars
  15. ·       A website for freelance services
  16. ·       Decision-making support system for the blood bank donation usingdata mining
  17. ·       Mobile application for teaching women driveing
  18. ·       Mobile Application for Gym and Nutrition Services Using Sentiment Analysis
  19. ·       MICHANICAR
  20. ·       The Path
  21. ·       A development platform for several professional fields
  22. ·       Your Technica
  23. ·       Share Your Meal
  24. ·      Mustasharuk Alqanunii

Academic year 2022-2023

  1. ·       Context Awareness Map of Taif University
  2. ·       Qudra
  3. ·       An application for cooperation between students and managing student time
  4. ·       Fintech crowdfunding platform to support startups
  5. ·       Predicting House Prices using Machine Learning: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia
  6. ·       Twitter Bot Detection
  7. ·       Taif University Student Parking Management System
  8. ·       Managing Emergency Medical devices using NFC technology
  9. ·       Nesmaak
  10. ·       The Communication between Parents and Schools
  11. ·       Community service balance
  12. ·       Afhamk
  13. ·       Restaurants and Cafés’ Ordering App within Taif University
  14. ·       Secure and efficient verification system for bank cheque based on blockchain
  15. ·       Community of Skilled
  16. ·       TripPlanner: A Web-Based Recommender Application for Tourism Agencies in Saudi Arabia
  17. ·       My Invoices
  18. ·       Design and build a website for electronics sales
  19. ·       ITVolunteers: IT Volunteering System at Taif University
  20. ·       Volunteer Paramedic Program
  21. ·       Bayti Baytuk
  22. ·       Hewaiah: A Social Network for Hobbies and Talents
  23. ·       System of tracking vehicles’ problems
  24. ·       Pet & Vet Care
  25. ·       Web based automotive freelancing platform
  26. ·       University talk
  27. ·       Oumq Al-Saudia
  28. ·       Saaedny App