Research Projects

Research projects in the medical field:-A
  1. 1-Influence of high altitudes on immune status of diabetic patients living in Taif City, KSA.
  2. 2-Potential lung tissue injury by reactive oxygen species after moving from high altitude places to sea level and the possible protection ways: an animal study.
  3. 3-Genetic basis of the relation between cardiovascular diseases and altitude.
  4. 4-Molecular Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Anemia in Taif Population as an Example of High Altitude Area in Saudi Arabia.
  5. 5-Early diagnosis of keratoconus at high altitude using molecular genetic technique.
  6. 6-The effect of high altitude on the anthropometric measurements of the newborn babies in west Saudi Arabia.
- Research projects in the environmental field:B
  1. Gene bank for the conservation and propagation of endangered high altitude rare medicinal plants in the Western Region in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Molecular characterization of endophytic fungi associated with high altitude juniperus tree and their antimicrobial activities.
-Research projects in the agricultural field:C
  1. Altitudinal polymorphic variation in candidate genes on reproduction ingoats and sheep in Saudi Arabia.