Research Partnership Initiative

Description of the initiative:
    From the standpoint of activating the role of the Altitude Research Center and establishing cooperation with distinguished researchers who are members of the faculty at Taif University, and preparing ways to allow maximum utilization of the laboratory and research capabilities and equipment in the Altitude Research Center represented by the research units developed in the center (Environmental Research Unit - Medical Research Unit) in the form of Especially as an incentive to increase their academic achievement in the field of the center's activity and to utilize the center's laboratory equipment in conducting their research
To achieve this, a special initiative has been proposed for that without any financial costs, according to the following details
Initiative Goals:
• Providing the appropriate research environment.
• Raise the efficiency of laboratories in the center.
• Activating the role of the center and raising the practical and research production of the center and thus the university.
• Supporting distinguished student research.
The beneficiaries of the initiative:
• Faculty members and researchers at the university in both parts.
Postgraduate students (Masters and PhD).
Graduation projects students.
Controls and regulations:
 The controls and regulations in managing the initiative are subject to sub-and detailed controls related to financial matters, which guarantee the safety and correctness of the initiative's executive procedures in accordance with Article Fourteen of the Unified Regulations for Scientific Research in Saudi Universities.
Mechanism and terms of the initiative:
1. Signing the research partnership initiative contract between the researcher and the Altitude Research Center.
2. The submitted research proposal should be within the center's research priorities.
3. In the event that the researcher publishes any scientific paper, the High Altitude Research Center (HARC) is required to be registered as an Affiliation. The researcher also records thanks to the Acknowledgment Center for its technical support and for providing the appropriate place to conduct the necessary research.