The Scholarship and Training Unit


The Scholarship and Training Unit of Al-Khurmah University College



Excellent qualified cadres for the scientific and educational process by developing their skills, and working to facilitate scholarship procedures for world-class universities of academic and research reputations.



Following up the students’ conditions through the annual reports and provide the necessary information for the departments to build a strategic plan compatible with the strategic plan the college and the university have provided. Additionally, preparing the faculty members, lecturers and new teaching assistants for the educational process.



1. Establishing an integrated database of faculty members abroad.

2. Establishing a database of teaching assistants who could not complete their graduate studies and who are on the job.

3. Facilitating communication between the student and the scholarship unit. This will allow the unit to monitor students and meet the needs until the mission is completed and the required qualification is obtained.

4. Working to represent the college and the university in an honorable manner and with serious and committed practical capabilities to all external parties that we have relations with.



1. Proposition of a general policy for scholarships and training upon coordination with the various departments in the college

2. Proposition of an annual plan for scholarship and training of college staff after coordinating with the relevant authorities in the college and submitting it to the college council to undertake the necessary measures.

3. Recommendations of extensions or terminations of the scholarship/training based on the proposal of the department councils which is based on the reports received from the international supervisors and cultural bureaus.

4. Preparations of a detailed annual report on the status of scholarships and training at the departmental level and submitting it to the College Board for consideration and action.

5. Holding special seminars to educate scholarship students and introduce them to the most important matters they need during the pre-scholarship stage and after.

6. Welcome faculty members coming from foreign missions, lecturers and teaching assistants who were newly appointed and preparing them for the educational process in coordination with the Deanship of University Development

7. Establishing the scholarship statistics.


:Unit Coordinators

Head of the unit

Dr. Abdul Aziz Othman Al-Zahrani

Unit Vice President

Dr. Safaa Nabeh Abd El-Rahman Abdou