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About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic and preventive medical specialty, which works to assist the patient to get rid of motor problem and return it to normal. Physiotherapy is based on careful assessment of patient condition to reach the design of an effective treatment program through the use of therapeutic devices and therapeutic exercises. Therefore, the Department of Physical Therapy was established in the College of Applied Medical Sciences - Taif University on 14/10/1429 H in response to the need of the community for trained cadres in the field of physiotherapy, the first batch of both sexes was enrolled in 1429/1430 H where a corresponding study plan has been prepared for the latest global physiotherapy programs. In 1434/1435 H, the Department of Physical Therapy launched the physiotherapy bridging program, which aims to qualify the graduates of health institutes (physiotherapy technician) for a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and thereby upgrade their scientific and professional capabilities in keeping with recent advances in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Since the Department possesses distinguished academic staff and highly equipped infrastructure from laboratories, classrooms and sophisticated equipment, in 1442/1443 the Master of Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Program was launched. Within the framework of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and to complement the societal role of the Department, it aspires to launch master's and doctoral programs in all subdisciplines of physiotherapy.