About the department

The Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences at Taif University is one of the departments of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Which was established in 2009/2008. The department aims to prepare qualified medical laboratory professionals through a five-year bachelor's program, including four academic programs within the college, in addition to internship year. The program begins with a foundation year that includes a number of subjects such as university skills, medical chemistry, medical physics, etc. In the next three years, students will study a number of clinical laboratory science specialties such as hematology, pathology, toxicology, clinical immunology, medical genetics and others. In the year of internship, the student is trained in hospitals under the supervision of specialists from the college and from the hospital to ensure the establishment of the scientific and practical experiences of the student. The diversity, comprehensiveness and non-repetition of the study plan of the department took into consideration the learning outcomes adopted by the university. The student will graduate from the department after completing the Bachelor's degree in clinical laboratory science, acquiring the scientific skills that qualify him to compete for various jobs including public and private hospitals, academic institutions and research laboratories