Welcoming Message

Welcoming Message 


It is my pleasure to welcome department's staff, students, and visitors of our website. The website is part of the department's work system, which reflects its activities and events, as well as the data of its employees including their contact details. The department offers a bachelor's program in clinical laboratory sciences as well as a master's program with three unique tracks: Molecular Diagnostics techniques, Diagnostic Hematology and Applied cytology Technologies.

In the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department, we are proud of our distinguished faculty who represent our main power to achieve the department’s mission and goals. We are also proud of our continuous accomplishments, for instance, the recent accomplishment of  program accreditation from the National Center for Evaluation and Academic Accreditation (NCAAA), which represent an effective tool to evaluate and enhance the performance of the program and to ensure its continuous development.

In the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department we work hard to expand the number of programs that we can offer, our academic activities and partnerships with many parties inside and outside the university, as well as to improve the quality of the educational and research process in order to meet the needs of the community.

Dr. Abdulrahim Al Maliki

Head of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Departmen