Department of Social Sciences


Providing accredited academic programs that meet the needs of the society through historical studies in modern methods and the graduation of qualified cadres.


Taking a leading role in the rehabilitation of cadres to achieve the objectives of development plans and the inculcating of national identity, Arab and Islamic through historical studies distinct and sophisticated.


Promoting historical and cultural studies and revive the Islamic heritage

Inculcating national, Islamic and Arab identity at all levels and encouraging tolerance and dialogue with other nations by understanding their history.

Providing theoretical and practical academic programs, keeping abreast of the latest academic trends in the field of history, promoting historical and cultural studies, and reviving the Islamic heritage.

Preparing qualified manpower to work in technical and administrative jobs in the public and private sectors in the field of history and archeology.

Highlighting the achievements of urban, industrial and Islamic systems in politics, economics, education, management and other areas of life, presented by Muslims as effective models of the meaning of progress and development in various aspects of life.

Preparing the competencies of historians and researchers in various fields of history to continue their higher studies in the various specialized disciplines in the department.

Conducting specialized scientific researches, especially with regard to the history of the Arabian Peninsula in general and the history of the Kingdom in particular, in accordance with the highest scientific standards, with the creation of an educational and research environment suitable for the development of the spirit of creativity and innovation among the employees of the department.

Serving Community through the provision of training courses, consultations and feasibility studies in the fields of specialization of the department benefiting the public and private sectors, and community institutions.