Department of Arabic Language

Arabic Language Department is one of the early departments in Taif University since it was a branch for Umm Al Qura University. Then, it became an individual department inside the faculty of Education, after separating from literary departments and became one the Faculty of Arts departments.​​ Arabic Department offers Bachelor degree in Arabic, Master degree in literature and language, and cooperating to teach Arabic language (101) and Arabic language (102) courses for preparatory year students. Moreover, Arabic Department offers courses in Saudi literature and Arab library courses for Administration and financial sciences students.





A pioneering Department in authenticating the Arabic language and literature studies confirming its authenticity and depth of structure.


Creating an educational environment that leads to the formation of specialized cadres that can serve religion, language and society


  1. Developing the students’ linguistic faculties and critical appreciation.
  2. Enhancing and supporting the literary talents.
  3. Graduating distinctive and qualified cadres.
  4. Graduating new generations who are able to meet the needs of the labor market.
  5. Developing teaching methods and curricula according to accreditation and quality requirements.
  6. Encouraging the scientific research and the promotion of postgraduate studies.
  7. Conducting seminars and workshops that benefit the student and faculty member.