Word from the Dean

Since its establishment, the College of Arts aims to meet the needs of the Saudi labor market and provide it with qualified scientific competencies to perform its roles in harmony with the requirements of this market and in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, through a strategy that takes into account many foundations, foremost among which is: Preserving the Saudi national identity building People and place development.
This targeting is represented by the academic departments of the college, which are: the Department of Arabic Language, the Department of Foreign Languages, the Department of Psychology, the Department of History and Archeology, the Department of Media and Communication Sciences, in addition to the Unit for Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages; Its teaching staff includes a group of professors with solid scientific expertise locally and globally, which in turn leads to the diversity of cultures and knowledge trends that contribute to creating a state of development and renewal belonging to the culture of this dear country.
And in order to achieve the goals of the national vision towards an ambitious nation, a vibrant society, and a prosperous economy; The college has been keen to provide a number of qualitative teaching programs in the stages of university education in a manner consistent with the objectives of the programmatic transformation in terms of objectives and outputs, which combines the nobility and originality of human heritage and the achievements of modern science and technology.
With regard to academic degrees, the college grants a bachelor’s degree in all of the above-mentioned disciplines, in addition to the higher diploma and master’s degrees in some specializations of the college’s departments, and it also strives in its graduate studies programs to provide the Saudi labor market with high academic degrees and competencies in harmony with the needs of the Saudi market All are steps on the path to leadership and innovation in programs and outputs.
In the end, I have nothing but to direct the highest expressions of thanks and gratitude to His Excellency the President of Taif University, Prof. Youssef bin Abdo bin Abdullah Asiri, and their Excellencies, the Vice Rectors. Thanks are extended to my fellow members of the academic and administrative bodies, male and female students, asking God - all - to guide us to what is good and righteous. Our dear country.
Dean of the College of Arts
Dr. Mazen Mohammed Al-Harthy