Students Activities Unit

1. Introduction

The Student Activity Unit at the College of Engineering aims to develop students' talents in the scientific, cultural, and social fields. To this end, the Student Activity Unit at the College organizes many scientific, cultural, sporting, and recreational activities, and encourages students to work, develop personal talents, and encourage volunteer work to raise the status of their college and their young university. In conclusion, the unit asks students to actively participate in Student Activity. We ask Allah to help us raise the college among the university’s colleges and at the regional and international levels.

2. Vision of unity

Leadership and excellence in student activities and services provided to college students to prepare a thinking, creative, and ambitious generation.

3. Unity message

 The mission of the Student Activity Unit at the college is to contribute to building the student’s educational, intellectual, and physical personality, developing his academic and creative skills, and providing services that help the student do this.

4. Unit objectives

• The unit aims to provide the student with skills that will help him in the labor market.

• Developing, supporting, and developing student talents.

• Promoting positive values ​​among students.

• Promoting citizenship values ​​among students.

• Promoting the spirit of cooperation and the concept of teamwork.

• Developing the leadership spirit among students and providing them with the opportunity to express their opinions.

• Improving the lifestyle within the college (sports and recreational).

• Promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for college students.

5. Internal committees of the unit:

The College’s Academic Activity Unit is affiliated with several committees headed directly by the College’s Vice Dean for Training. These committees are as follows:

• Student Advisory Council

• Student clubs

6. The unit’s organizational structure:

• Director of the Student Activities Unit as Chairman

• Secretary of the Student Activities Unit (rotating among members), member

• Members of the Student Activities Unit from the scientific departments as members

7. The decision to form a student unit

A decision was issued by His Excellency the Dean of the College of Engineering to form the College’s Student Activities Unit for the academic year 1445 AH on 12/19/2023 AD as follows:

- Dr.. Ibrahim Bedir Taha                                                                                President

- Dr. Ahmed Salah Al-Ammari                                                                        Member

- Dr. Nada Muhammad Ramadan                                                                  Member

- Dr. Abdullah El-Shenawy                                                                             Member

- Dr. Malik Nour El-Din Najah                                                                         Member

- Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Eid                                                                        Member