Students Activities Unit

The unit encourages students to work and to develop their self-talents. It also encourages their voluntary work to raise the prestige of their young university.
A Student Consultant Council (SCC) has been established to enhance the spirit of cooperation and the concept of collective action. It helps in developing leadership among students, providing them the opportunity to express themselves and expressing their opinions. The SCC supports also the academic achievement and students' activities.

It also defends the rights of students to develop their national spirit.\n\nThe committee of SCC consists of:

  • Prof. Mosleh Al-Harthi (Dean)
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Ahmadi (Vice-Dean)
  • Dr. Ibrahim Taha (Students’ Activity coordinator)
  • Dr. Fahad Al-Zuweibi (Industrial Relations and Training Coordinator)
  • Dr. Ahmed Abdelhafiz (Academic Affairs Coordinator)

Three nominated students that represent the three departments.

  • Abdullah Al-Aliani (Student at Civil Department)
  • Abdullah Al-Buqmi (Student at Electrical Department)
  • Hamza Al-Qurashi (Student at Mechanical Department)