Academic Affairs and Study Plans Unit

The unit is the connection between the faculty of engineering deanship, the central students affair deanship and the students themselves. It is one of the Deanship key units as it facilitates the enrollment into courses, withdrawal and postponement of semesters, and addressing student problems.

The functions of the Unit:

  1. Announcing the faculty regulations for student s’ registration.
  2. Follow up entering the study plans to the academic system.
  3. Define the courses to be opened.
  4. Coordinate the students and the staff classes timetables.
  5. Be in contact with the students and the academic advisors to solve any problems.

Academic Affairs Unit consists of:

Faculty of Engineering coordinator: Dr. Eng. Ahmed Abdelhafiz

Coordinator for each department:

Mechanical Department: Dr. Mahmud Helal

Electrical Department: Dr. Ayman Heb-Allah Dr. Yasser Abdelslam

Civil Department: Dr. Ibraheem Sharaky