Alumni Unit

Speech of Alumni Unit’s Chairman

Praise be to God, who has honoured and helped us to accomplish this humble work, through which the Faculty of Engineering at Taif University contributes to providing the necessary capabilities for its graduates, which will enable them to compete in the labour market and is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by qualifying distinguished graduates who support the standard of community partnership. This will be achieved by strengthening communication between the college and its graduates, benefiting from their scientific and training experiences, and linking the graduate to society.

The Alumni Unit seeks to conduct many workshops, courses, and seminars to prepare the graduates for a career, improve the performance of college graduates, raise their efficiency, and develop their capabilities. It will achieve its mission of strengthening the role of the graduate toward serving himself and his community.

Members of the Alumni Unit:

Dr. Hamad Al Mujibah        Chairman

Dr. Mohamed Mnzool        Coordinator of the Civil Engineering Department

Dr. Mahmoud Helal           Coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering Department

Dr. Salah Eldin Kamal       Coordinator of the Electrical Engineering Department


Consolidating the distinguished and ongoing relationship between alumni and the university enhances the loyalty and affiliation of graduates to the university in addition to contributing to the development of the university and achieving its future goals through cooperation between the university and various training and employment bodies inside and outside the city of Taif and being able to develop the skills of graduates in all specializations and raise their competencies. This cooperation will also contribute to the development of study plans and academic programs at the university in line with the requirements of the labor market.

Our Message

Ensuring the provision of distinguished services to graduates and a strong contribution in directing them to enter the labor market through an electronic platform, in addition to improving their performance, raising their efficiency, and developing their skills and abilities through programs, training courses, seminars, and workshops to make the most of the available job opportunities suitable for their various specializations.

Our vision

Building a sustainable and distinguished interactive relationship between the university and its graduates.

Our strategy

In line with Taif University’s strategy to raise the level of quality and efficiency of its graduates in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020, the Alumni Unit at the College of Engineering was keen to provide graduates with the skills and capabilities necessary to fill the job opportunities available in the labor market, as interest in graduates is considered one of the most important outcomes. The university contributes to advancing development, building the national economy, and participating in promoting the university’s sustainable financial development.