Cooperative Training and Industrial Relations Unit

Our country, dear to our hearts, faces many challenges to achieve its vision for 2030, especially in light of the economic development and prosperity that we are currently experiencing. One of the most prominent of these challenges is the keenness to provide local workers with competencies with high academic qualifications by honing their skills during a period of training in order for them to have an effective role in building our desired renaissance. From here, the Cooperative Training Unit organized the Cooperative Training Program in its new look under the guidance, guidance, and full support of the College of Engineering’s administration, through which we seek to achieve harmonization between education outputs and the needs of the labor market. We will work on a modern business strategy aimed at attracting suitable training opportunities for male and female students. Through advertising and advertising tasks that are carried out through industrial relations, we can provide adaptation and actual integration into the work environment expected for them after graduation.

Ensure to choose a distinct practical environment to train students and refine their scientific skills.

Preparing students for employment through a distinguished summer training program, as they are the ideal choice for training in the work environment.

The strategic plan of the cooperative program unit focuses on how to raise the level of training for the male/female student through concluding agreements with major local and foreign training agencies for the purpose of training the students of the College of Engineering for a full semester through which they can gain practical experience in the current fields of work and practice their tasks with distinction and competence so that they can be able to read typical of their future successful career.

Members of the Cooperative Training Unit:

Dr. Hamad Rajaa Al-Majaba,                   Chairman
Dr. Mohamed Manzoul,                           Coordinator - Civil Engineering Department
Dr. Mahmoud Hilal,                                  Coordinator - Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Salah El-Din Kamal,                           Coordinator - Department of Electrical Engineering
Dr. Amal Kamal,                                       Coordinator - Architectural Engineering Program
Dr. Sarah Muhammad,                             Coordinator - Industrial Engineering Program