Information Technology and Technical Support Section

This section is focused on supporting the library substantively and technically by solving technical issues to facilitate the easy communication with its systems. This support is represented in providing help and supporting solutions by offering programs and devices related to the latest modern technologies available for libraries.


Offer full electronic services that achieve leadership and excellence by executing efficient technical solutions that transfers the Deanship of Library affairs services to an integrated digital community that satisfies the university’s and community’s needs according to the latest rapid technology development.


 Offer technology services by providing technical capabilities that enable all university staff to achieve their duties to make the Deanship of Library Affair at Taif university one of the leading libraries by creating work environment with special technical aspects that cope with the latest international technologies and to contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision and spread information technology knowledge in the inside and outside community of the university.


-  Create a digital Library in the university that has no papers.

-  Support the maintaining of the library’s data and facilitate its access correctly and safely.

-  Guarantee providing an infrastructure and digital environment for university libraries and its branches.

-  Apply best standards in assessing and executing the technologies that will help improve the operational efficiency.

-  Upgrade the electronic services and upload it on the Deanship website in the university.

-  Offer access to an efficient electronic system for the educational and search aspects.

-  Transfer all the services, systems, and applications to an electronic form gradually instead of the paper form.

-  Continuously develop and upgrade the Deanship of Library Affair’s website.

-  Focus on the digital content while giving great respect to quality to raise the university’s rank globally.

-  Create applications for smart phones to facilitate the user’s communication so it becomes easier and faster.

-  Keep up with the rapid development in the information technology field.