The establishment of the management

It was established in 1402 AH and was affiliated to the Deanship of Library Affairs at Umm Al-Qura University. In 1424 AH, after the Royal Order was issued to separate the Umm Al-Qura University branch in Taif under the name of Taif University, the Central Library took on its importance with the issuance of the decision of His Excellency the University Rector to prepare an independent deanship for the library and appoint a dean for it. It includes the following libraries in the male section (the central library in Hawiyah, the library of the College of Applied Medical Sciences, the sub-library in Al-Khurma, the sub-library in Barniyeh, the sub-library in Taraba) and the female section includes (the central library in Al-Hawiyah)
Based on the decision of the Council of Universities Affairs No. (7/6/1443) dated 13/9/1443 AH, which includes the conversion of all supporting deanships in universities into departments, as their nature is executive and not academic units, except for what is excluded, in addition to a maximum of two other deanships chosen by the University Council.
And based on the decision of the University Council No. (6) in its second session of the year 1442/1443 AH to convert a number of supporting deanships into departments and to maintain and merge other supporting deanships.
And based on the decision of the Council of Universities Affairs No. (2/16/45) reported in letter No. (4500305832) dated 12/3/1445 regarding the adoption of the comprehensive academic restructuring of (24) private universities for the system of the Council of Higher Education and Universities, in addition to the arrangements contained in the aforementioned decision.
Based on what is required by the public interest, the following is decided:
First: Cancellation of the Deanship of Library Affairs as of 18/3/1445.
Second: The establishment of the Department of Library Affairs, which is organizationally linked to His Excellency the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research as of 20/3/1445.