Digital Information Sources Section

This section is concerned with providing informational services to all beneficiaries by providing digital information sources to facilitate the access and benefit of information.


Promote the educational process by creating digital information sources that fulfill the needs of the university students and to achieve the educational, research, and community goals.


Provide informational services by using new technical methods that satisfy all the research and informational needs of the university students and community members.


-  Support the education process by providing digital information sources and its services.

-  Create digital information sources and work on its development.

-  Use modern technology to serve the library and its beneficiaries.

-  Raise the quality of the services and its efficiency.



Free access to information using the latest digital technology.


Section services:

1- Saudi Digital library

2- Digital warehouse

3- Scientific Plagiarism Program (ithenticate)

4- Audio library


Section Forms: