Studies and Research Section

The studies and research section is focused on the continuous improvement of quality by applying international programs and standards regarding library affairs according to the best local and international standards.


Reach excellence in Deanship quality and improvement to achieve institutional and international accreditations according to local, regional, and international standards.


Continuous development and improvement of quality inputs to reflect the Deanship scientific reality and achieve its vision, mission, and goals.


- Plan continuous development to improve the Deanship academically and administratively.

-  Create a system that measures and assesses the Deanship’s functional performance.

-  Meet the standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment and prepare the Deanship for accreditation.

-  Spread the culture of quality inside and outside the Deanship community.

-  Prepare and publish the Deanship’s annual report.

-  Follow up on the complaints and suggestions submitted by the university students.

-  Continuous communication with the Deanship of development and quality in the university to benefit from its support.

Slogan: Optimal technical usage for the best quality.