Beneficiary Services Section

The Beneficiary Service Section is concerned with providing direct services to all library visitors.


To achieve the highest satisfaction level regarding all the services provided to beneficiaries, and to reach the place we aspire in the future.


The Beneficiary Service Section’s mission is derived from the Deanship’s mission which seeks to provide advanced informational services by providing, organizing, and broadcasting information. In addition to enriching and improving information access and making all information available to raise the efficiency and quality of both the learning and searching process, and to also serve university students and the community in general in order to reach their satisfaction by providing special services that keep up with the technical developments.


  1. Making all information sources available to university students and the community in general.
  2. Cooperating with relevant sections to provide the best services.
  3. Committing to the quality standards in performance and service delivery.
  4. Reach excellence in serving the learning process and scientific research.
  5. Improve the library’s attraction to raise the visiting rates of the beneficiaries.
  6. Improve service-providing mechanisms.


Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal.

Section Services:

- Lending

- Responding to questions and inquiries

- Paper and electronic photography

- Guidance and counseling

- Serving people with special needs

- Computers Hall

- Introductory programs

- Search retreats


Section forms:

- Guidance and Counseling Service Form

- Use of Computer Hall Form

- Photocopying Service (paper\electronic) Form

- Introductory Tour Reservation Form

- Introductory Tour Evaluation Form