·         Emphasizing and promoting TU’s vision, mission, and objectives in Saudi Arabia, through communication with different media, and providing them with news, of activities and events held at the various colleges and departments of the university.

·         Building a positive image of the university in the community.

·         Introducing services provided by the university as well as the effective policies to the public not only to keep them informed, but also to promote cooperation for constructive work and to develop an information strategy that keeps the university in the forefront.

·         Confronting rumors and fake news spread about the university.

·         Documenting and enhancing the role of the university in the service of society.

·         Highlighting the tasks undertaken by PRM and showcasing their importance.

·         Providing programs and activities conducive to positive cooperation and responsible performance of tasks.

·         Fostering relations with TU alumni in various scientific fields as well as in local and wider society.

·         Applying quality standards to various PR activities of the university.