Publication Rules

Preserving the visual identity of Taif University and others, and providing distinctive enriching content.

- Appropriate content and free from inappropriate style of offensive, racist or threatening language, whether text, image or idea.

- Prohibition of publishing what is contrary to the regulations of the state and the university or the norms of society, and what violates the privacy of others in any way.

- Use the publication to serve the university's academic, scientific and cultural purposes only.

- Observe the rules of the language used and make sure that they are safe and free from grammatical and spelling errors.


- Commitment to review the external links that lead to the transition to other pages.

-Not to publish an image that outrages modesty or violates Sharia, academic norms, or the systems and rules in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

-Rejecting pages and news that contain images that do not work or have defects, or that the image dimensions are not appropriate.