Events Department

  1. Supervision, coordination and follow-up of internal and external activities.
  2. Preparing reports on internal and external events.
  3. Arranging and preparing exhibitions accompanying internal and external events.
  4. Arranging and coordinating the reception and escort of university guests.
  5. Supervising and preparing celebration halls and training rooms during events.
  6. Handing over and receiving celebration halls and training rooms with special models from the faculties' coordinators.
  7. Coordinating with the Operation and Maintenance Department and preparing periodic reports on damage and technical support and maintenance requirements.
  8. Arranging and working to receive and organize dignitaries and delegates in accordance with the protocol.
  9. Follow up and send official telegrams and invitations to government and private institutions.
  10. Arranging and supervising the signing ceremonies of agreements outside and inside the university walls.