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Department of Surgery at the College of Medicine represents one of the main pillars in teaching the students in line with the integrated system in all phases specially in the clinical phase, the curriculum aimed at providing them with the basics of surgery with the basics of surgery and clinical skills to deal with surgical diseases and also dealing with emergencies and injuries resulting from accidents.
In addition to General Surgery, the department has the following sub-specialties:
Orthopedic surgery.
Ear, nose and throat surgery.


The continued development of knowledge in the field of surgical specialties to suit the needs of Saudi Society.​
Learning and teaching Medical Education Excellency.
Carrying out research and participation in the challenges that encounter our society.
Achieve professional skills and practice with the development   faculty members.

​Seeking to excellence and accreditation in surgery to
Serve the beneficiaries.
Develop training programs in surgery.
Develop the skills of faculty professionally.
Improve the skills of learning - teaching strategies
Variation and development of tools for assessment of learning students.
Publishing and development of relevant research field of surgery.
Provide effective training for students during the years of study.
Employment   technical and actions that will care for the patients.
Building partnerships on an individual level and community institutions level and locally and internally.