In the year 1428 H and by the letter, dated 29/11/1428,and which was directed to His Excellency vice chancellor of Taif University , the agreement of the minister of higher education to establish the Faculty of Sciences and Arts in Rania governorate was issued . The faculty was established to include four departments , Mathematics , Business Administration , English language and accounting . The study at the faculty began in the year 1429 H .

In view of the keenness of the kingdom's leadership to achieve development and modernization , and to exert sincere  efforts to keep up with the accelerating progress and which was represented by the supreme royal vision (2030),  Taif University continued to work with all its energies and it qualified scientific human cadre to achieve the royal vision tracing its approach in the development and modernization , and therefore launched the programmatic transformation project which emerged from the national transformation program (2020) .

In the 1438, in the context of the programmatic transformation of Taif University and its branches; in accordance with the highest requirements and standards to ensure the quality of education and the academic accreditation, the university submitted a plan of  restructuring the University branch at Rania, based on the integration and development of programs and departments of the Faculty of Sciences and Arts in order to provide a variety of programs with reference to the specialized programs at  Taif University.

In the year 1439, the decision(No. 34408) was issued by His Excellency vice chancellor of Taif University in  4/5/1439 H  to amend the previous name of the faculty  to the University College at Rania, based on the agreement of His Excellency the minister of education in 15/4/1439 to restructuring the university branch at Rania . The University College at Rania  includes the Department of Humanities, the department of science and technology  and the  Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences.