Academic guidance unit

Ranyah University College, Perseveres at work to activate the role of academic advising, the college has established an academic advising unit by a decision of the faculty Dean, Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al-Subaie at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 1438/1439 H, and the unit implements an integrated program in academic advising that benefits from previous experiences, and this unit aims to provide distinguished services in academic advising for our students. This unit also seeks to achieve a set of educational goals for students, faculty members, and workers in the academic environment, with the aim of raising the efficiency of scientific and professional production, and trying to reach a high degree of quality in the student’s academic achievement, acquiring and mastering skills, refining abilities, and encouraging positive energies in Academic environment. In addition, academic advising helps students to formulate their goals and make appropriate decisions related to their academic and professional future by making the most of all the university's capabilities available to them. Academic counseling also simplifies and facilitates administrative procedures in order to provide the best and quality services to the student in a record time according to quality standards And the academic accreditation that the college seeks to achieve.
The Vision :
That the academic advising unit in the college will be a distinguished unit to provide academic advising services to students.
The mission:
Providing academic advising services by helping students understand the academic system at the university and eliminate the causes that lead students to have academic faltering.
The Objectives:
Providing various types of academic advising services for students.
• Finding a planning, administrative and supervisory reference for the college’s academic advising programs
• Design, follow up and implement the academic advising program.
• Implementing general programs related to academic advising (training courses, lectures, and workshops).
• Coordination with the academic departments in the college to follow up the implementation of their academic advising.
• Preparing forms and forms for academic advising