vision and objectives


The set vision aims to make the University College at Rania an educational and research institution; a pioneering and distinguished institution at the level of territory and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . All this should occur in accordance with the national and international standards that ensure quality  and accreditation.


The preparation of qualified human cadres in the fields of humanities, science and technology and administration and finance  to meet the aspirations of individuals , the needs of society and the requirements of the labour market .The qualified human cadres should be able to compete locally, regionally and internationally through the creation of an academic and educational environment that is capable of going along with the technological innovations and humanitarian progress to finally meet the standards of Taif University Vision and the National Vision(2030).

The values

*   Development and quality of performance to achieve the institutional and programmatic accreditation.

*   Leadership and excellence in the graduating specialists, and providing all possible human development programs, similarly, creating community partnerships that contribute to the development of the local community.

*    Cooperation: Confirming the values of institutional  and teamwork.

*   Creativity for all: When the elements of creativity are available , it is possible for all to be creative .                            *      Setting good example: We believe that setting a good example is a base for work and management.

Strategic Goals:

*   Providing advanced and flexible academic programs to meet the needs of the community , the requirements of the labour market, and the scientific and technological advances.

*   Obtaining the accreditations of the institutional and academic programs upon which the university works .           *Permanent enhancement of the educational operation quality and preparing cadres within the framework  of national academic standards to ensure quality .        

*   Providing students with the high quality educational services that develop their  competitive skills in the labour market .

*   The development of the offered academic programs in order to  conform to the national academic standards.

*   Raising the efficiency  of the college in achieving effective partnership with the various institutions of society, and to provide research services and consultancy .Similarly ,  working on the development of participation and cooperation with the external social institutions.

*   Raising awareness of the problems and issues of the community and encouraging the members of the teaching staff, researchers and students to participate and contribute to solving problems.

*   Sustainable professional development of the teaching staff members and  administrators in the faculty.

*   The development of the abilities of the teaching staff members and students  in  areas of scientific research, research projects and pioneering and innovative ideas and actions. 

*        The expansion of offering efficient scientific research and consultancy. .                                                                      *Executing  a range of community service programs for college students and society members to support the principles of continuous education and sustainable development.