Internship (Field Experience)

Dental internship training is a compulsory rotatory training requirement to successfully graduate in Dentistry. This training aims to train students who have successfully completed 12 levels of BDSM program from Taif University or any other Saudi recognized university. As a principle continuation for those graduates taking them to next level of live dental training in order to have independently efficient and ethical clinical dental practice.

Students who completed their Bachelor of Dental Surgery & Medicine Degree B.D.S, are not be able to practice dentistry till they complete a required 12 months of dental internship training. Upon completing this mandatory period will be eligible to register their professional dental practice at the Saudi Commission of Health Specialty SCFHS.

Trainee by the end of the training will award an official certificate of completion by Taif University, Faculty of Dentistry.

Aim of the internship program

  • Enhance their knowledge, skills, and competency in the practice of General Dentistry.
  • Provide them with an insight particularly in the area of their planned future dental specialty.
  • Be involved in research projects that can motivate them to show their innovative ideas and develop their scientific writing abilities.
  • Awaken their interest in pursuing graduate studies and continuing dental education.
  • Gain experience in risk assessment and management of medically compromised patients, as well as emergency and primary dental care.
  • Excel in verbal communication skills and usage of audio visual aids through formal lectures and seminar presentations.
  • Maximize their views on the latest programs in oral health through community involvement.



Internship Training Program Manual

Interns’ Clinical Evaluation Form

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