Bachelor  of  Dental Medicine & Surgery  program

Academic Program

The duration of study is six academic years distributed into 12 levels  (12 semesters). The graduation at the end of the 6th year is followed by one year of internship. The academic program delivers basic,  preclinical and clinical courses so as to impart to its graduates the knowledge, skills and competencies that are required to practice  General Dentistry with its curative, restorative, and preventive aspects.  Graduates are given a Bachelor's degree in Dental Medicine and  Surgery. 

Program Mission

To provide professional competencies at national level to dental graduate that promotes quality patient care, lifelong learning, scientific research, scholarly activities and responsibilities towards the community. 


Program Goals

  1.  To graduate professionals able to deliver quality oral health  care
  2. To graduate professionals committed to life-long learning
  3.  To graduate students with sufficient research aptitude in the  fields of patient care and scientific discovery, and able to innovate in their field
  4.  To graduate professionals engaged in community service through voluntary work and community studies
  5.  To graduate professionals committed to the values of professional and Islamic ethics


  Program Graduate Attributes (GAs) 

  • Professionalism: Adopt and employ professional values, attitudes and standards
  • Effective Communication: Communicate effectively with colleagues and the community
  • Collaboration and Team Spirit: Effectively provide ethical  and quality patient care in a team-based practice
  • Flexibility and Adaptation: Participate and manage in  community health programs, entrepreneurship and  volunteering projects with flexibility and adaptation to the demands and needs
  • Life-Long Learner and Innovation: Utilize information technologies for continuous education, prevention and management of oral health problems through innovational and critical thinking 
  • Leadership: Recognize , Prioritize and adapt to goals, rules and Policies as well as manage duties and intiate improvements plans


Program Graduation Requirements

  • Pass all courses in the program
  •  Fulfill an overall GPA of at least 1.5
  • Complete the internship year


Program Learning Outcomes


  1. Describe the integrated learning of basic and biomedical sciences.
  2. Describe the concepts of behavioral and clinical sciences
  3. Recognize evidence-based dentistry and problem-solving principles clinical sciences for the provision of standard oral health care.
  4. Recognize the fundamental elements of dental practice management.


  1. Interpret obtained patient information and diagnostic measures to effectively manage patient concern.
  2. Apply the principles of Islamic ethics and moral values in dental education and patient care.
  3. Evaluate the outcomes of treatment, recall strategies, and prognosis.
  4. Recognize the complexity of patient treatment and need for referral.
  5. Perform the diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic dental procedures for clinical management of the patient.
  6. Employ standard method of infection control, patient safety and dental ergonomics.
  7. Deliver oral health promotion services for preventive dental care in community setting.
  8. Manage effectively emergency situations within the scope of general dentistry
  9. Provide oral health care for all age groups considering the unique need of geriatric, special need and medically compromised patients

10.  Apply critical thinking skills in dental education, research and patient care.

11.  Demonstrate effective oral, written and non-verbal communication skills at workplace.


  1. Demonstrate the concept of self-assessment and lifelong learning.
  2. Demonstrate Professionalism, effective teamwork and leadership qualities at workplace.


Student Admission Requirements

Staff Program Manual 

Student Handbook 

Program Specification 

Annual Program Report 2021-2022

Program Performance KPI

Policy and Procedure Manual

Program Quality System Manual

BDS Program Catalogue