College Facilities


The Faculty of Dentistry at Taif University has a total of eight classrooms and on large lecture hall and several meeting and discussion rooms. All of which are furnished with the latest technologies to facilitate the learning process.

The Dental Hospital Clinics

The university dental hospital (UDH) which affiliated by the Faculty of Dentistry at Taif University is one of the university hospitals that provide dental services in the Kingdom, considered as the third university dental hospital in the region of Mecca, and the first teaching dental hospital in Taif city. The UDH provides comprehensive educational, training and consulting services based on academic foundations and scientific evidence to achieve the highest quality standards for patients and student trainees.


The hospital building consists of one ground floor, which includes the current general clinics in addition to specialty clinics, waiting halls, meeting, and lecture hall for 80 people. The building also contains different units:

1) Reception and Appointment

2) Patient Relations

3) Digital Imaging and Radiology

4) Central Sterilization

5) Information Technology and Support

6) General and Biomedical maintenance

6) Dental Storing and Medical supplies

7) Dental Laboratorie




The hospital provides dental care in the following specialties:

1) Prosthodontics (restoring missing teeth)

2) Endodontics (root canal treatment)

3) Operative dentistry (fillings and caries control)

4) Pediatric dentistry

5) Orthodontics

6) Periodontics (treatment of tooth surrounding tissues

7) Oral medicine

The Laboratories:

The Pre-clinical Laboratory Department consists of four laboratories; Phantom Lab.1and 2, Multi-purpose lab, & Biology Lab. These laboratories have different use according to a specific lab procedure including lectures, class activities, and practical training.

Phantom lab -1&2

Multi-Purpose lab

Biology lab