Scientific Research Unit: 

Faculty of Dentistry prescribes standards of responsible and ethical conduct expected by all persons involved in the research activity at Taif University. The staff, students and other personnel involved in the research activity. The main purpose of this research policy is to ensure high accuracy, validity and ethical standards in the collection and reporting of research data. This provides a framework for standard research practice and for the protection of individual research workers, including staff, undergraduate and postgraduate research students, as well as contracted agents, from possible misunderstandings.  



  1. The staff, students and other personnel involved in the research activity

  2. To provide research training for undergraduate students

  3. To encourage scholarly activity among students and faculty members

  4. Provide necessary research infrastructure

  5. Encourage participation of students and faculty in scientific research conferences and workshops

  6. Conduct oral health surveys to know the local oral health problems

  7. Encourage and support student and faculty research publications through utilization of TU initiatives.

  8. Recognize and reward faculty and students for their contributions in research

  9. Arrange research partnerships with local and international organizations

  10. To perform surveys to assess the satisfaction of stakeholders for research facilities and support.

  11. To perform periodic review and recommend improvement plan

Research Priorities :

The following are the research priorities of Faculty of dentistry:

1.Epidemiological, diagnostic and preventive studies related to oral health and its impact on general health.

2.Epidemiological studies related to special needs population.

3.Impact of active learning in dental education.

4.In-vitro studies utilizing the research lab at faculty and TU.

5.Observational and interventional clinical studies related to Oral Health.

6.Studies on Dental biomaterials.

7.Knowledge attitude and practice studies related to Oral and general health.

8.Tobacco and tobacco products influence on Oral and general health.


Publications- Statistics: 

The program at Faculty of Dentistry has many examples for outstanding research publications. Various details of research activities carried out in the BDS Program over the years.

These details include- a) Publications done by faculty over the years, and b) Data regarding Indexing of the publications.

The Scientific Research Committee in the BDS Program provides statistics on the research output of faculty members.

)  Tudent -Research publication 2018-2021)

Student Research Publication  (2018-2021)